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Joining a crowd

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Crowds are created by sygons. Joining a crowd is done explicitly, with a simple request to join. Crowds act like groups of sygons that have similar access rights to the applications associated with the crowd.


A sygon can join an unlimited number of crowds. A crowd gives its members opportunities to access functionalities of the SynergyCrowds platform, build revenue streams, get rewards and contribute to the knowledge production process.


An example of easily joining a crowd is to join the Portfolio Managers crowd. This crowd provides a sygon with access to the Portfolio Manager application.
Portfolio Manager is a data builder app, so the feature of joining the Portfolio Managers crowd is placed right before accessing this app. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Log-in to the SynergyCrowds platform.
  2. Top menu: "Marketplace" -> "Data builders"
  3. You reach a page that displays the list of data builders.
  4. If you are not member of the Portfolio Managers crowd yet, the "Join crowd" button appears.
  5. Clicking the "Join crowd" button grants you membership to this crowd.
  6. Now, a play button is displayed, allowing you to directly access the application.

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