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Sygon account settings

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Your sygon account is characterized by a few settings:

Profile summary

This contains a sygon profile photo, your sygon nickname and your account level.

Registered e-mail address

This is the e-mail address that was used for creating the sygon account.

Unique ID

Automatically generated unique ID for your sygon account. This is combined with your sygon nickname to give your unique sygon identity within the SynergyCrowds platform. Note that while you can freely change your sygon nickname at anytime, the unique sygon ID is generated once with your sygon account creation and it can not be edited after.


Any name you please to use for yourself. Be creative ;-)

Account level

The current upgrade level of the account.

Change password

Fields to change the password of your sygon account. This requires you to provide the current password.

Feed address

An ETH address where you send ETH to buy SYGON credits (and SYGON tokens in the future).

Reward address

An ETH address that you control. At this address you will receive your earned SYGON tokens for different contributions in the SynergyCrowds platform.


Billing information. Name of the person or company and an eventual tax code.