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Sygon account upgrade

How to upgrade your Sygon account

Upgrading a Sygon account is easy:
  1. Log in to the SynergyCrowds platform.
  2. Top menu: "Sygon" -> "Account" section - "Upgrade"
  3. The upgrade page displays the current upgrade level and the next possible upgrade for the current account.

Upgrade levels

The Sygon accout has three upgrade levels: Level 1 - default after registering with SynergyCrowds, Level 2 - Contributor Sygon and Level 3 - Earning Sygon.

Level 1 (Default)

After creation, a Sygon account is by default in Level 1.

Level 2 (Unlock knowledge)

A sygon account is upgraded from Level 1 to Level 2 with an explicit request from the owner of the account within the platform.
This upgrade requires from the user to provide billing information (like country, name and tax number if the account is held by a business.
After a successful upgrade, the account is automatically assigned an ETH account (called feed address).
This account is owned by SynergyCrowds and it is used to receive payments from the user of the sygon account.

Level 3 (Rewards and revenues)

A sygon account gets from Level 2 to Level 3 with an explicit upgrade request from the owner of the account.
This upgrade requires from the user to provide an ETH address of her own. SynergyCrowds will send all earnings made by the sygon account to this address.